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About GAC

Just what is this GAC?
Chuck Jones sketching Bugs Bunny
GAC is an acronym for Golden Age Cartoons. Established on 18 August 2004, GAC is devoted to the study of classic animation from the Golden Age of American cinema. Here you will find some of most comprehensive websites on the subject, covering information on the men and women behind some of the greatest cartoons of all time. In addition, GAC also offers a superb online discussion forum and the latest news updates on classic animation.

GAC has been featured and praised by many print and online sources including:


Our site has also been mentioned on About.com, TVShowsonDVD.com, Jerry Beck's Cartoon Brew, MichaelBarrier.com, Animated News, Animation World Network, and in a bunch of local newspapers.

If you would like to contact the Golden Age Cartoons team, you can send an e-mail to:
gacforums ----AT---- gmail.comNOSPAM

(Remove the spaces, NOSPAM and other nonsense, of course)

GAC is always interested in helping promote high quality classic cartoon products. Please use the above e-mail address for discussing possible review or advertising opportunities.

GAC was founded by Jon Cooke who manages The Ultimate Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Website (est. 1996), co-manages The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia (est. 2002), and frequently contributes to GAC's Misce-Looney-Ous blog. He also administrates our Termite Terrace Trading Post, the renowned classic animation forum that has been serving cartoon connoisseurs online since March 1998. The name for the forum was coined by Kevin McCorry, a major writer and contributor on The Ultimate Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Website.

GAC is also co-maintained by:

Matthew Hunter: Matthew Hunter came to The Termite Terrace Trading Post in 1998. His Too Looney webpage (previously Matthew Hunter's Unofficial Looney Tunes Page) debuted in 1999; its Merrie Messages board merged with the TTTP in April 2001. One of Matthew's greatest achievements came in 2002, when he successfully petitioned Cartoon Network to return Speedy Gonzales to their Looney Tunes programming. The petition, covered by major news media, received more than two thousand signatures. A frequent contributor to GAC's Misce-Looney-Ous blog, Matthew is a cartoonist in his spare time. His comic creations Bill and Buster and Doc and Horace presently appear on their own Facebook page.

Charles Brubaker: Charles Brubaker's web activities began somewhat earlier on: his original Lost Kartoon Page slowly developed into the comprehensive DePatie-Freleng Website, which he now maintains for us at GAC. Away from the web, Charles has been a research associate to Jerry Beck on the book, Pink Panther: The Ultimate Visual Guide.

David Gerstein: Starting out as a package designer with Bosko Video, David Gerstein went on to edit Fantagraphics Books' Nine Lives to Live: A Classic Felix Celebration (1996). More recently, he has been a research associate to Jerry Beck on Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide and Animation Art: From Pencil to Pixel. David also maintains The Classic Felix the Cat Page on GAC and has co-authored two animation research projects with Pietro Shakarian on Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research. Additionally, he maintains the Ramapith Prehistoric Pop Culture Blog; away from the net, he works on various Disney comics and books for Boom! Studios and Egmont.

Lee Glover: Lee Glover has been interested in classic animation since the early 1980s, when there was a wealth of cartoons on the BBC (yep, he's English!). Missing the good ol' days, the "guv'nor" joined The Termite Terrace Trading Post in January 2003, and later became a GAC moderator and DVD reviewer in March 2008. He maintains his own blog, showcasing some of the rarest and most peculiar cartoons in his ever-growing collection.

Andrea Ippoliti: Andrea Ippoliti is an enthusiast of classic American animation and comics. In 2005, he created a blog (now affiliated with GAC) with the purpose of promoting the significance of American animation in international film history. In 2008, he became a GAC forum moderator and DVD reviewer. Outside of GAC, he serves as a lawyer in his native Italy.

Kevin Martinez: Kevin Martinez joined the GAC forums in 2004. He is an aspiring webcomic and webtoon creator as well as animation researcher. He presently writes reviews for GAC.

Pietro Shakarian: Pietro Shakarian has many varied interests, including international film and animation. In 2002, he helped create and launch The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia. In addition, he has also collaborated with David Gerstein on two animation research projects for Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research. Outside of GAC, he maintains Back in the USSR, a blog on Russian and Soviet cinema.

Jack Tatay: Jack Tatay founded and continues to maintain GAC's Classic Cartoon Records page, featuring an in-depth look at animated cartoon stars and their careers on vintage LPs. As a cartoon researcher, Jack is a frequent contributor to The Ultimate Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Page. From 2002 to 2010, he also co-maintained The Walter Lantz Cartune Encyclopedia. A talented artist, Jack presently sports some of his comic work on his blog Rabbititus.

Larry Tremblay: Larry Tremblay not only loves cartoons, he lives them. After a lifetime of watching and enjoying cartoons on TV, he attended Sheridan college in 1985 with aspirations on becoming an animator and got his chance submitting artwork for random productions including commercials, music videos, independent films and some television productions including Beetlejuice, Tiny Toon Adventures, and The Simpsons. Unfortunately, however, in the late 80s, animation was looked at as a dying market, so he turned his interests to 3D artwork and digital design, contributing to select videogames consoles titles including X-box, Nintendo, PS2, and GameBoyAdvance. Now he's just a boring old computer programmer/graphic artist who wastes a big chunk of his earnings and time on collecting, archiving, and enjoying animation in all forms.

Additionally, GAC would not be what it is today without the help and support of the following individuals:

Thad Komorowski: Thad Komorowski played a significant role in the launch of GAC in 2004 but left in 2007. He maintains a highly informatative blog at http://thadkomorowski.com/. He is currently attending college and working on his first book.

Dan Porceddu: Dan Porceddu assisted in the launch of GAC in 2004 and maintained the GAC Store before moving on to other interests in 2007.

Tom Stathes: A hardcore fan, collector and researcher of silent animation, Tom Stathes was a major contributor on GAC from 2007 to 2009. He currently maintains a blog and seeks to both share early animation and fund the acquisition of additional rare materials via his DVD project.

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